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Khambuhang Resort - The superseding alternative to WBFDC RESORTS of West Bengal.

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Among the best experiences traveling to North Bengal, one of the jewels of incredible India, Jaldhaka River and Neora River bestows some of the most adventurous places of North Bengal. Apart from the renowned hill stations like Darjeeling and Kalimpong, that altogether ornate North Bengal with some of the best tourism spots of in India, this part of West Bengal often named as “Duars” that falls under civil district of Darjeeling , has many more unrevealed beauties that are yet to be explored. The areas between the two rivers consists of places like Samsing, Kumai, Rongo, Todey-Tangta, Jhalung, Paren , Gairibas and Dalgaon. The inevitable experience about staying in Paren and Jhalung is that one can also get to explore some nearness to the land of thunderbolt – Bhutan. This part of North Bengal serves as an International Boundary between India and Bhutan. River Jaldhaka is the natural wall between Bhutan and India, so the playful part is that you can sit on the Indian bank of Jaldhaka River and enjoy the River’s adventurous experiences like fishing, picnic, swimming, etc.

The area is not only best for river adventure, but one can also convert it into an educational tour of North Bengal for their young ones in the Family. The area has all the three most renowned bio-diversities of India along with one of the oldest hydroelectricity projects of India – Jaldhaka Hydel project. The first is the luscious tea gardens that is also a part of the Famous Darjeeling tea – Kumai, the second is the rarest Cinchona plantation of India- Rongo, Dalgaon and Gairibas, that can be a paradise to all the botanical enthusiasts who want to learn about the commercial farming of medicinal plants in India, and the third is the one of the pristine heritage forests of India- Neora Valley National Park. Neora Valley National Park embraces all these area starting from Lava to the last constituency of Darjeeling in India-Todey-Tangta, which also happens to be one more destination of Jaldhaka valley.

So, holistically the area has all that a traveler seeks to quench the thirst of a nature lover’s soul. Trekking to one of the highest point of North Bengal –Rachela, which is embraced by the chastened green beauty of Neora Valley National Park, covered with blossoming Rhododendron Forest is one irresistible tour plan the travelers can avail. Visiting the organic tea processing factories of Kumai tea estate is one learning experience one can avail in this part of North-Bengal. The other learning experiences can be enjoying watching processing of Quinine, an anti-malaria drug, in the cinchona plantation and other medicinal plants. So altogether it can be a total natural lover’s package for the travelers around the globe to explore the beauty of the gateway to the North-eastern part of India.

The chastened rural environment is an additional contribution to the traveler’s preferences. The communities have recently started the Homestay Tourism in the area that is an integral part of the Eco- tourism concept. The best ambiences in terms of luxury and comfort are owned by WBFDC resorts of Jhalung and Paren. Unfortunately; the quality can only be availed by few occupants that may cause the travelers to change their plans to explore this area. However, the place has now opened up a new resort called Khambuhang Resort, set against the sweeping landscape covered with orange trees and surrounded by natural forest. The resort now provides an alternative accommodation to all those enthusiasts who have never been able to avail the quality stay of WBFDC RESORTS.

Khambuhang Resort, has four cottages with double occupancy, that have all the basic facilities like attached bathrooms and spacious rooms. The resort is located in Paren, a beautiful destination of North Bengal that falls on the way to Today Tangta from Chalsa National Highway 31. So it’s a relief for all the travelers, from the problem of accommodation to avail all the adventure that the area can deliver to all the nature lover travelers.

Ultimately, the call of Himalayan Peasant and the blossoming Rhododendron flowers of Neora Valley National Park, the song of snow-fed water kissing the huge rocks of Jaldhaka river, the juicy luring mandarin oranges decorating the valley of orange orchards and many more magical glimpses awaits you at a place that is also a gateway to four international borders of India- Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and China – North Bengal.

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