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The mesmerizing green bliss of nature can be exquisitely felt in this place that’ll certainly make you oblivious of all the burdens of worldly race. Its one of the inevitable jewels of north Bengal that consists of all the features those travelers around the world would love to explore. If the Tourism in India is said to be the prime alternative factor that has its proven records in playing the role for solving the contradiction between the community rights and environmental issues, then it can be seen live in this place where community have built a platform to work together with the regulatory approaches to save environment.

 India’s richness in Bio-diversity areas is well exhibited by the natural beauty of North Bengal regarding the undisturbed heritage forests of North Bengal. Samsing is one of them that is surrounded by more than 180 of natural vegetation. Neora valley National Park has its name on the top, which covers different types of natural vegetation which still remains undisturbed by urbanization. The dense forest is rich with its diverse flora and fauna and is considered as the habitat for many endangered species like Red Panda, Clouded Leopard, and Pangolin etc. It is also a heaven for the invertebrate zoologists who can really find it as the best research centre for increasing their check list of Indian wildlife species.


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Basic information about Samsing Suntaleykhola


Location: Altogether the place has more than 13 Villages that come under the civil District of Darjeeling, Sub- Division Kalimpong, have their distinguished features to contribute towards the total natural beauty of the place. A drive from nearest railway station New Mal Junction ( District Jalpaiguri) with the glimpses of luscious Tea Gardens on the way will set an unforgettable healing memory in your mind about West Bengal in India. If one has to avail the airways for transportation then Bagdogra is the nearest Airport that is nearly 100 Kms away from the place.


The Special Attractions of Samsing Suntalekhola:


The Villages: 

: There are many villages among which Samsing Busty ( Also called Fari – Mandal Gaon ) is the main spot that serves as the shelter for all the Nature lovers who yearn to explore the beauty of the place in depth.   


A spot named after a perennial stream Suntaley ( Khola means stream in the local language) is certainly the best place to wipe out all your stress and make you feel close to the nature.


Rocky Island :

A place situated on the valley of Murti river between two mountain ranges ( Samsing & Kumai) is the best place for the travelers who love to spend their precious time by listening to the serenade of flowing river and capturing the sight of clear mountainous water exhibiting their youthful power by splashing on the huge stones and making blue lagoons on their way.


Mouchuki - Neora Valley National Park :

Neora Valley National Park is unanimously a paradise for the True nature lovers. It is an abode to many precious wild orchids and medicinal plants along with immense diversity of wildlife. The forest can be an unforgettable experience if explored through trekking as by this on can experience all the types of vegetation ranging from tropical evergreen, deciduous to a complete rhododendron forest. As it’s a national park the free entry to the forest is prohibited so Mouchuki the spot which is an entrance to the core area of the forest. Therefore, leaving Samsing without capturing the dense richness of Neora Valley National Park would make your entire tour an incomplete endeavor.


Khola Gaon:

A new spot that has recently been embraced by the nature lovers as a best place to experience the world of organic world. Samsing is also famous for many types of farming; the favorable climatic conditions support many types of exotic farming, like strawberries, oranges, cardamom, ginger, lettuces, etc. One can also taste the pure natural honey extracted from the wilderness of Samsing by wild bees that are treated as domestic. The rearing however will not seem like the bees are domesticated but they look more like wild bees when you see them freely roaming in the forest to collect honey.

Where to stay at Samsing- Suntalekhola : 

May-Jhor Homestay - Your best accommodation at Samsing-Suntaleykhola.




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