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 The concept of " Home Tourism"

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When it comes to boast the richness of Indian Bio-diversity then without the name of North Bengal's heritage forests the list would seem incomplete. It has axiomatically been blessed with all the natural jewels that together ornate it to consider it as the nature lover's heaven. The diverse geographical features of West Bengal nearly shrinks half of the world's distinguished bio-diversity areas forming the Precious Mangrove Forest, Sunderbun in the south, the coastal areas of The Bay of Bengal, The Ganges Plain,  and the pristine heritage forest - Neora Valley National Park in the north. So altogether West Bengal's potential to attract the nature lovers can certainly be an aid to create a economical, ecological and social relation with the environment that can save the most alarming issue of the world - Save environment, save Earth.

Therefore, for economic benefits, that somewhere plays the major role in saving environment , Tourism can be considered as the most effective industry that covers all the feasibility conditions.

 Eco- tourism is the best example in this context, where all the feasible conditions are met following the rules of environment more stringently further improving it with the inclusion of the term "community development" and thus giving it a new name " Social Eco- Tourism".

Under this new concept a new accommodation facility for travelers is on its way to bring revolutionary changes in the concept of Travel and Tourism Industry - Home Tourism or Home stay. It is a concept where the cultural richness is given more priority than the modernized technical education of hospitality industry. In true sense it is the construction of a bondage between the inhabitants and their habitat that further strengthens the ecological balance of nature.

Following the trend of environmentalism West Bengal can now be inevitably counted among very few home concept followers of India on their way to promote such travelers who  truly care for nature. Apart from the luxurious hotels of west Bengal , now nature lovers can truly feel the warmth of true abode of nature in form of West Bengal home stays that includes the unexplored places of North Bengal with its major contribution towards the promotion of tourism in India.

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