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Book a homestay and help a forest villager

Ever thought of having a home in every remote place in the beautiful hills of north bengal? Well, now with your benevolent step a poor villager who has what you havent can be promoted by your contributions that you might othewise spend normally for booking your holiday destination. 

We are in search of 10 donors per villager ( family) at your own preffered destinations out of the list that is given below, where your travel expense can truly be a contribution towards environment and community. Your donation will be in the form of your travel booking amount that you normally pay when you plan for holiday destination. The only difference you will make this time is that your booking amount will be used for renovating two rooms of a house of a poor villager that he can use as homestay for the travelers. This way your amount will not only help a poor forest villager to create his income source but in the long run it will also be a contribution towards environment where the villager will now be aware to protect their natural resources. 

In return to your contribution , you will as usuall avail 4 nights stay along with food in the same house with the same family. The 10 donors will get a free stay along with food in the particular home stay that they have booked in the form of donation. The only charges you have to bear are the transportation costs till the destination.


1. Neem Busty ( Gorubathan, District darjeeling North Bengal)

2. Dalim Taar (Gorubathan, District darjeeling North Bengal)

3. Kumai ( Samsing Jaldhaka, District -Darjeeling North bengal)

4. Rongo (Samsing Jaldhaka, District -Darjeeling North bengal)

5. Todey - Tangta ( Samsing Jaldhaka, District -Darjeeling North bengal)

The lnames and the photographs of the family along with their house will be sent to you after you send your inquiry to us. We will send you the information and regular updates about the constructions after every month. When a single house for a destination reached the number of 7 donors, we will start the construction for the house where two best rooms will be renovated along with all the failities like attached toliet and bath, furniture, utensils etc, the expenditure list of which will be provided to the donor when they will visit the destination for their free stay. 

About us :

Samsing Chauthary ( please click for details)

About payment:

You can make the minimum payment or the maximum , through the given mode of payment or contact us at the given address for details about the terms and conditions of booking and building your destination.

Please email us for your inquiery and we would be glad to take this discussion further for solving your querries

Our email address :  [email protected]

So give your hands to bring this change. 


Travel to contribute towards environment
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A campaign started by Samsing Chauthary ( NGO) as aid to protect the environment relating it with the most vulerable part of different roles  for saving environment - The Forest Community. 

This Campaign will not only help the poor forest villagers to uplift their economic standard but will also inspire them to strengthen their role in saving the environment. The donation will not be considered as a sole donation but will be taken as an advance amount for booking the destination that needs to be built. Therefore this creative campaign will let the travelers convert their yearly expenditure on travel into a meaninful contribution both towards the environment and the community. 

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