North Bengal Offbeat Tours

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Homestays in Samsing Suntalekhola




Seeking for the offbeat tours of West Bengal, if you really want to have a new experience apart from luxurious resorts of North Bengal, then your most memorable tour of North Bengal could be accommodated by May-Jhor home stay in Samsing.  Located in walking distance from Suntalekhola, the house is surrounded by a solitary ambiance which would certainly heal all the stress of your mind. The private forest located in the backside of the house can be a heaven for birdwatchers as the forest is filled with all such trees that attract different species of birds to the area letting you place your tripod right on the beautiful open balcony of the house. 


Number Of rooms = Four

Occupancy = Double bedded ( wooden wall)

Tarriff = Rs 1800 .

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Homestays in Kumai


 A new destination located on the opposite to the hills of Samsing suntalekhola divided by Moorti river. The destination gives a mix experience of organic tea gardens, Neora Valley National park and above all the natural beauty that you will certainly love to explore. The local spots include sunrise point, Gurdung Dara and the mesmerizing view of mountains curved into terrace paddy fields. The location is also renowned to be one of the medical tourism spots of the area because of a herbal doctor who cures all the kinds of bone problems with natural herbs with spiritual touch. People from different areas now come to the area to get their treat from bone fracture to bone breakage. Kumai is in the middle of all such natural beauty that people often seek for whole in North Bengal. The place is surrounded by places like Cinchona Plantation, tea Gardens, Chapramari forest, Neora Valley National part and Organic Darjeeling tea gardens. 


 Tariff :

Rs 1300 per head ( Including food and lodging) 

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Homestays at Dalgaon

 You have certainly heard the stories about North Bengal and it's Beauty that always describe the tea gardens, forests and the magical views of Himalayas, but there is one more beauty hidden in the hills and that is the legend of Cinchona Plantation. It's the same legend that was set up by British to fight with one of the most deadly diseases, Malaria, that had its greatest impact during the world war II. The saga still continues with the people, the forests , the hills ,the Bungalows. This home-stay will take you to a knowledgeable experience of knowing about the rare medicinal plants found in Hills. The location is also renowned for its view point  that provides magical view of River Jaldhaka dividing India and Bhutan. Dalgaon is located on the way to Jholung between Rongo and Gairibas.
Places to visit at Dalgaon :
Dalgaon View Point, Neora Valley short Trek, Rongo, Bindu, Jaldhaka River Fishing, Cinchona Plantation.
Rs 1250 Per head (Including food and Lodging) 
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Homestays in Kolakham


 The 100 years old house located at Kolakham awaits to give you the mesmerizing view of Mount Kanchenjunga right through its window early in the morning. Apart from the hilly beauty and rural taste of Lava, Kolakham has now turned into an inevitable place to visit even if you are to stay at Lava as this place falls on the way to the famous water fall of the area named Chaangey Falls. The Samsuhang Homestay in spite of its old and heritage look has luxurious rooms for the travelers equipped with all basic modern amenities.

This Homestay can also be the best for all the vegetarians because unbelievably the whole village of Kolakham is a vegertarian village. Located in the lap of Neora Valley National Park, the village is often known for spotting some wild animals like barking deer, red panda, and obviously ample species of Birds. Kolakham is best known to be the paradise for Bird lovers as the dense forest  is the habitat centre for many migratory birds that can be seen easily while during an early morning Bird watching trek.

Places to Visit :

Chaangey Falls, Lava, Bird watching trails, trek to Neora Valley National Park.

Tariff :

Rs 2200 for three bedded luxurious wooden finished rooms. 



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Home-stays in Bara Mangwa


 This homestay is just a dream for those who truly love to get drowned into the coziness of nature. Surrounded by orange trees with no other houses nearby, this homestay owns nearly 6 acres of orange orchard that is the onl biggest orchard in Darjeeling subdivision. So, now instead of staying the crowd of Darjeeling stay in this homestay at Bada Mangwa that is just a 30 minutes drive from Teesta. staying in this home stay one can avail the whole beauty of Darjeeling town, fishing at river Teesta at its confluence point ( Rangeet and Teesta River). The most expensive season to stay at this homestay is during the month of October, November and December when you can just not take a walk but live inside the orange orchard where the trees will be laden with oranges. So enjoy the orangy stay at Orange Villa.

Places to visit staying at homestay  : Fishing at Triveni point, Rafting at teesta, Lamahatta, Bat cave, Darjeeling and Takdah sight seeing.

Tariff :

Rs 2700 per double bedded room and Rs 3200 per triple bedded room

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Homestays in Chota Mangwa



Chota Mangwa is a destination that has come out beautifully between the two famous destinations - Bara Mangwa and Tinchuley. So the travellers can explore both from this location. The chilling weather and the mesmerising view of Mt. Kanchenjunga is what attracts the most of the travellers to this destination.  

Places to visit staying at homestay: Tinchuley, Lamahatta, Peshok, Takdah Cantonment, Teesta Valley. 

Tariff :  1200 Per Head including Food and lodging.

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